Jude’s weeknotes — 30 Jan 2023

Jude Webb
2 min readJan 30, 2023

Retro and learning for other projects, but I might be focusing too much on getting the small stuff right and not getting making space for the big stuff.

What did you experiment with?

I read Evaluation as a service: assessing stakeholder requests for agile teams and took it as inspiration for the work that’s coming into our team at the moment.

While I like the idea of one pagers I know that slides are not accessible, firstly because unless you know the template well you don’t know where to start, secondly if you’re using a screen reader unless you spend a lot of time telling it how to read it it’s just a jumble of boxes.

So I took the questions as inspiration but created them into a google site like this. I’ve shared it with some stakeholders and have planned a workshop to complete it because the project is already started, I need to see how it works so being able to talk about it is important.

I also discussed it with a colleague and he suggested adding the NOT question to each section, I’m interested to see how that works.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed seeing the team in person, we were able to bounce ideas around a lot more fluidly, and we were also able to have important conversations that involved trusting each other to say things, which felt easier when we could read body language as well.

I was proud of myself for running a retro and actually getting the notes written up in the same week. Finding time for the boring bit of writing it up is not always my strength.

Who did you talk to outside of your organisation?

I briefed an agency for a piece of work we might commission out. It was interesting and reassuring to hear how they took the brief. I had done very similarly, but I’d missed a few points when I’d taken the brief from the original team.

What would you have liked to do more of?

Knowing we’re going in the right direction with the strategy. There seem to be lots of new opportunities, but not much clarity on how we decide what to work on.

What are you looking forward to next week?

Running the workshop to try out the template. Hearing more about new opportunities, and going to my first show and tell in the new job, I can’t wait to hear what feedback and questions we get.

What are you reading?

Evaluation as a service: assessing stakeholder requests for agile teams has been inspirational this week

I loved listening to Allusionist 169. The Box


Written on Monday morning.